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Frequently Asked Questions

Check below for the most common questions asked about purchasing SoTL by Design.
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What’s an admin license?

An admin license is a bonus license to access the course when it is purchased by an individual on behalf of a larger group. This allows all of the participant licenses to be given to others rather than one being used for the purchaser to also have course access. The admin license comes with all the same privileges as a participant license.

Are the course workbooks digital or hard copy?

Each course license comes with a hard copy 100+ page workbook for completing course activities and making notes about your SoTL project. Workbooks can be sent in bulk to one address or to individual course participants when requested and are shipped immediately upon course registration.

How long does it take the workbooks to arrive?

Course workbooks are shipped immediately upon registration once the shipping address has been confirmed. Workbooks are shipped via FedEx and a tracking number is provided to the holder of the course admin license and/or individual course participants once the shipment is sent.

What does it mean to have a lifetime membership?

Licenses for SoTL by Design are available to participants for the lifetime of the course, which means participants pay once for the course and then receive any additional course materials or resources that are added later free of charge. SoTL by Design participants also have lifetime access to the quarterly live Q&A sessions for as long as they are offered.

Do you offer an unlimited license option?

At this time, an unlimited licensing option is not available. The licensing options for the course include packages for 1, 6, 11, 16, 21, and 26 licenses. If you want more than 26 licenses, contact Katie for more information and pricing options.

Can I purchase just a SoTL by Design workbook?

The course workbook is currently only available for purchase along with a SoTL by Design course license. If you are a course participant and want to purchase an additional workbook, or if you want to be notified if the workbooks ever become available for separate purchase, contact Katie directly.

Are there any course scholarships available?

Currently, there are no scholarship options available for SoTL by Design, but if this is an option of interest to you, contact Katie to be notified if any scholarship for the course become available in the future.

Can I pay by check?

Sure. Contact Katie directly for an invoice. Course access will be provided and workbooks shipped upon receipt of the check. Documentation of receipt of the check once it arrives is also provided.

Can you provide an invoice?

Absolutely. Just contact Katie directly with the contact name, email address, and physical address that should be included on the invoice.